Volunteer Abroad is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Denmark which concerns itself with matching volunteers with organizations that aim to affect positive change through action. The need for trustworthy organizations and for quality voluntary work force is here and with our mission, vision and values, we meet them.

Committed to facilitating positive exchanges between our volunteers and partners

We are committed to facilitating positive exchanges between our volunteers and partners. All organizations and companies are thoroughly vetted to ensure their values align with Volunteer Abroad’s terms and goals. We maintain close relationships with all our partners, and personally visit each location our volunteers are sent out to within the first or second year of cooperation.

We also work closely and share our roof with the company, Find Job Abroad, our main sponsor, and draw on the experiences gained by their management, staff and the many individuals they have recruited since 2014.

The collaboration is not only a way for Volunteer Abroad to operate responsibly and safely, but it also ensures Find Job Abroad to have strategy in which they show their care for the crisis around the globe and become active in treating them.

The joint venture is built upon equal passions for traveling, the importance of self-realization and to spread kindness out through the world. This is the fundament of Volunteer Abroad’s DNA and shines through all levels of the organization.

At Volunteer Abroad we believe real growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone and up to the challenges life presents you with. Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to realize your own strengths, find your passion by working for other reasons than money and with us, you will support honest organizations by honest volunteering.