To empower people to work for passion – creating a more sustainable world, for all living creatures & for the earth.


Our mission is to create focus around the profound power of dedicated voluntary work when combined with transparent and hardworking non-profit & non-governmental organizations addressing world crisis matters.


All of Volunteer Abroad’s values are focused around quality. Under the category, we are; credible, thorough but innovative, honest and loyal in what we do. We always take care of our collaborations and volunteers and keep the service at a high level.


Volunteer Abroad was founded in early 2018

Eva Duffy

Eva is the founder and chairman of Volunteer Abroad. Eva worked at Find Job Abroad, a start-up recruitment company, as a social media manager, and during a previous internship in Cambodia she became familiar with many NGOs and gained knowledge of that sector and the culture in NGO and non-profit organizations. This sparked the idea for Find Job Abroad to also work with volunteers and offer a service focusing on the quality and safety of volunteering abroad. Eva is currently the contact person for all volunteers and partner organizations

. She has an education in marketing and has previously worked for travel agencies. She has travelled a lot, often in Cambodia, and visited many countries in Europe. In 10th grade she spent a year in the USA as an exchange student. s

These factors combined have given Eva skills in personal development, business development, and in corporate and national culture. Eva is in charge of Find Job Abroad’s corporate responsible matters, i.e. CSR and CSV-related projects.

Mikkel Riisgaard

Mikkel is the CEO and founder of the Danish job site, Find Job Abroad. He helps young Danes find jobs abroad. In working abroad, they gain an experience for life, while acquiring knowledge and work experience which makes them better candidates for the jobs at home.

Find Job Abroad naturally provides an opportunity for personal development as the young jobseekers gain confidence when facing the challenges that come with moving abroad. Mikkel has a lot of experience with working abroad, his life philosophy is that one must challenge oneself for personal development. He has lived and worked in Ireland and Berlin. He’s always looking for opportunities to travel and to experience new places.

Mikkel helped develop the initial idea of the Volunteer Abroad organization being a branch of Find Job Abroad by using a “creating shared value” strategy. As the idea developed further and the concept grew, he and Eva decided that Volunteer Abroad should be an independent organization supported by and in close collaboration with Find Job Abroad

Annelise Monsen

Annelise holds an MSc(Econ), she teaches at the Copenhagen Business Academy and is a business mentor at Monsen Consulting. Annelise has many years of experience in both Danish and international business as a leader and marketing professional. She advises international business people and entrepreneurs.

Her background in many industries provides a solid foundation for her expertise in leadership and organizational development, B2B, B2C, retail and digital marketing. In addition, her systematic and holistic approach is aligned with the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN. In the mid-2010s, she lived and worked with entrepreneurship in the United States for a couple of years, and has also travelled in most of Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Annelise met Eva Duffy while supervising Eva’s graduation project. Impressed by Eva’s work, she subsequently agreed to join the board of Volunteer Abroad.